We are a Christ centered family of native Texans transplanted to Lafayette, Indiana.  My
name is Ron.  My wife's name is Lisa.  And our sons name is Ron Jr.  We also have
two daughters, Autumn and Christina, who have left the nest. We are active members
of our local church and community.  We sing a unique blend of Southern Gospel and
Contemporary Music; as well as original music you won't hear any place else.  We
would love to come be a part of your next event.  Contact us for more information
Ron has been a practicing musician since the age of six. He
has played many styles of music with various groups.  In
addition to guitar he plays many other instruments.  He
writes the arrangements and original music for the band.  
He also produces the bands music in their home studio.
band information
Lisa's natural talent for singing harmony adds depth to the
bands music.  Offered a full music scholarship at Purdue
University; she elected instead to pursue a degree in
Microbiology at the University of Texas.  She is now working
on her PhD in Medical Science at Purdue University.
Bubba plays drums and sings with the band.  He also plays
many other instruments and does some of his own
recording.  He is also a break dancer and recently won first
place at a dance-off at Jefferson High School where he
about the band
The Reece Family Band